More Work and Joe Wheeler State Park

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Hello dear friends and family,

Hope you have been doing well since we last posted.  We arrived back in Alabama May 5th and as planned in our last post have been busy taking care of doctor visits, trying to get caught up on business items, NOMADS work and working at Aunt Helen’s house.  It’s been a busy time but nothing interesting enough to report.  We now have all our and other family members “stuff” out of Helen’s house with the exception of items we will need until the estate sale is complete and the house is sold.  A really big accomplishment for us.  We have also reconnected with friends and family who live in our community, and worshiped at our home church – always a joy.  Last Friday we went a couple hours northwest of our home base and spent the weekend at Joe Wheeler State Park.  The campground was demolished in December 2019 by a tornado.  The campground has just reopened and is so very nice.  The sites are very smooth and level.  Newly paved roads and bath houses with individual showers are also nice.  The sites with water views and access are fantastic.  Our site just barely had a water view but we certainly enjoyed our time there.  Our friends Dave and Carol from Texas were on the way to some other friends’ home but stayed the weekend at the park in the lodge.  We did some hiking and visiting and eating.  If you are ever in Rogersville, AL (don’t know why you would be but….) you should eat at Fat Cat’s Seafood Restaurant.  Super good fried catfish.  Back to the mountain on Monday and this will be another week  of estate work, etc.  We are planning some other trips but…a lot depends on the estate sale and house sale.  We’ll keep you posted and until then – keep on serving others.

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