Back to Laurel

Sunday, December 12, 2021

How to catch up and get things back in the right order so it makes sense?  We told you previously that we returned to Laurel, MS to work on tornado damaged homes.  Then prior to us giving you the information on our work there, we had to return to Alabama due to Aunt Helen’s death.

Two weeks ago, on Monday morning we of course began with team devotions and then were sent to a house a few blocks from downtown Laurel.  It had roof damage which had previously been repaired and NOMADS before our arrival had been working on the ceilings which had water damage.  There were some repairs done and new drywall was hung in the kitchen, a bedroom and the living room.  The seams had been taped and we picked up working on the finishing of the drywall.  There were also several broken windows to be replaced, and lathe work on the enclosed back porch.  After we completed the drywall, Wednesday the painting began.  After we had to leave Thursday after lunch, the team continued, reinstalling trim, and weather striping and storm doors.  They then had the Bible presentation.  Sorry we missed that.  It’s always such a special time.

After returning to Alabama, we, with the help of other family members, planned Aunt Helen’s funeral and handled all the “stuff” that need to be done.  Family and friends gathered to celebrate her life on Sunday evening and again at Lee’s Chapel UMC on Monday.  It really was a celebration.  Helen lived life for 95 years and now she is exactly where she wanted to be, with her Lord and Savior.  We spent the rest of the week taking care of business for Helen and Jean and today returned to Laurel after worshiping at Lester Memorial this morning.  It’s great to be back with our NOMADS friends and we look forward to helping the team finish up this last week of the NOMADS rebuild efforts in Laurel. We will keep you posted on the efforts.

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