Yesterday Was Tomorrow

December 3, 2021

Aunt HelenOur regular readers know that Aunt Helen was the last of our self proclaimed LOLs (Little Old Ladies). All of them were remarkable. Aunt Helen (aka “Doc”) was remarkable in that, after becoming a nurse cadet then a nurse, she became a physician in a time when women were not very welcomed in that field. Her dream was to be a surgeon, but in the 1950’s that was not allowed for her. So she became an anesthesiologist so she could still be in the operating room. She worked the first open heart surgery at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta.

After a long career she retired back to her home community and continued to provide loving care for family and neighbors for many years until her mind was taken by dementia. As remarkable as her career was she is most remembered for her love of God, her church, her family and all others.

The last several times we visited her in the care facility she said “I think I’m going home tomorrow.” We incorrectly thought she meant she was going back to her house. Now we know she meant her heavenly home and a joyous reunion with her family members who went before her.

Yesterday was tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Yesterday Was Tomorrow”

  1. She was a remarkable person. She touched so many lives and I loved her dearly. I only wish I could have visited her more but Covid prevented that. I admire you both so much for all you’ve done for all the LOLs. You’ve been such a blessing to them all. I know it’s going to be different for you now but I know you have plenty to keep you busy. As Bro. Harvey says, Keep on Keeping on. Much love from me and Chance.❤️🙏


    1. Janet, we appreciate you so much! You were so faithful to visit Aunt Helen when it was safe! She loved you very much. We will all miss her as well as the others. We have always planned our travels around their doctor appointments etc coming back to Pine Mountain to check on everyone. We feel a little lost without the four but we are just trying to listen to God as to what’s next.


  2. I’m so sorry for your loss but so glad that Aunt Helen finally got to go home.

    Love to you both.

    Rita Sent from my iPhone (205) 529-6261



  3. Max and Ann what a beautiful tribute to Aunt Helen. We know you will miss her. Know that you and your families are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Much Love, Dave and Carol


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