Project Completed, Ready for Christmas

Saturday, December 18, 2021

As we mentioned in our last post, we returned to Laurel, MS on Sunday, December 12.  On our arrival we were met by our team leaders Kevin and Suzan.  It was great to get to work with them again.  We last saw them in North Fort Myers last January.  The entire team was so kind and welcoming on our return.  We knew they had been praying for us and we certainly felt their love on our return.  Thanks team!!

Monday of course we began with devotion and then we headed to a house the team began while we were gone.  Miss Daisy’s mobile home and addition had roof damage from the tornado which then allowed water to damage the interior ceiling and exterior wall in the back room.  The team began last week on the demo work taking out a portion of the wall and the ceiling, and began the rebuild.  This week we completed the installation of the paneling, a little electrical work,  insulation and ceiling drywall.  Also all the trim – windows, crown and base – had to be installed.  And we also painted the ceiling and the exterior except for the metal. I think you can tell from the pictures that we made big improvements, most importantly there are no more leaks. Wednesday afternoon we had the Bible presentation for Miss Daisy and said our tearful goodbyes.  She is such a sweet lady.  Anne and some great conversation with Miss Daisy and her sister who decided she needed to be the ladder holder for Anne.

Thursday was a fun day from start to finish.  It began with a surprise birthday party for our construction supervisor, Robby.  We really enjoyed working with him again and were pleased to share in his celebration including doughnuts and pigs-in-blankets.  We also continued demolition on a house that NOMADS will be rebuilding in the spring.  It’s fun to end the week with some good demo work.  Thursday evening the team shared pizza and white elephant Christmas gifts in our meeting room at the church and then packed up.  We all gathered for pray and goodbyes Friday morning as we all went our separate ways.  It was a great week with a lot accomplished for our homeowners but also good for us.

Friday we drove to Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores, AL where we will spend the next two weeks celebrating Christmas – hopefully.

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