Madeline Island

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

This morning we were again up early to drive back over to Bayfield to catch an early ferry to Madeline Island.  We did not take Fred or the truck to the island although we could – for enough money.    We took the bikes. $47.00 for a round trip for the two of us and two bikes.  Madeline Island is one of the 22 Apostle Islands but is not part of the National Lakeshore and the only inhabited island. You can take a boat to some of the other islands for camping or light house viewing (during non-Covid times).   Madeline is the largest of the Apostle Islands at about fourteen miles long and three miles wide.  There is a town park and state park on the island and a few restaurants, shops etc. and some beautiful homes.  Vehicles are allowed on the island but didn’t seem necessary for us today.  We rode about fourteen miles exploring. We explored the state park, and La Pointe, the little town where the ferry docks and had lunch at one of the restaurants – really good whitefish from Lake Superior.  After returning to the Bayfield ferry dock and loading the bikes back in the truck, the first stop was, of course, for ice cream.  Very good pecan praline ice cream.  We then did some more exploring of the area and hiked one of the trails here at the campground that goes to the Washburn marina.  The nice trail right along the lake shore was a good way to end another great day of seeing more of this beautiful country.

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