Even Farther North

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Sunday morning we were back on the road continuing our trek north.  We noticed a little cooler temperatures when we stopped at a rest area to stretch our legs and eat some breakfast.  We extended our stop long enough to watch the live stream of our church service. It was a good service, as usual, so if you want to check it out, click here.  As we headed on north we exited Kentucky and began our travels across Illinois, the state of corn and soy bean fields.  Prior to retiring when we thought of Illinois it was thoughts of Chicago, and great lakes.  Now, after working several projects in Illinois, it’s thoughts of miles and miles of beautiful, huge, farms.  We stopped mid-afternoon at a Harvest Host site in Atlanta, IL, a large family farm that also makes candy, teas, and grows spices and other small batch items.  We really liked the sea salt caramel candy.  After another restful night, we drove on to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, to another Harvest Host farm.  This time it was an orchard. It’s a fifth generation family business.  They have about 3,000 apple trees along with other fruits such as blue berries and raspberries, and honeybees.  We of course left with more delicious treats.  Love visiting Harvest Hosts, making new friends and enjoying new foods.

This morning we got an early start to our destination near the Apostle Islands.  We are at a first come first serve campground on the shore of Lake Superior and were told we should arrive early if we hoped to get a site.  We have a beautiful site and were so blessed to get this spot.  We were told that the premium site we got was vacated about ten minutes before we arrived, and was one of the two sites that were available today.  We will enjoy this beautiful setting the next 3 days as we explore the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and surrounding area.  We feel so blessed to be here.  The temperatures are cooler, (we needed a jacket this morning), the scenery incredible, with some great hiking this afternoon.  Looking forward to the rest of our time here.

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