Today Was a Moving Day

Friday, August 6, 2021

We have been going, going, going since leaving Alabama.  Most of the travel days were not really long days but we had to meet and interact with people each day after or before getting settled in for the night.  Then when we arrived at the Apostle Islands Tuesday morning, we parked and immediately began hiking and seeing and doing everything we could.  We had only 2 ½ days to get it all in so by yesterday morning we were both pretty tired.  We did not head out early but had a quiet breakfast at home and then decided on a short hike and some exploring by truck.  More great scenery.  We had a great time at the Apostle Islands, saw some beautiful sites. We did not get to do the sea kayaking because the seas were too high.  A good reason to return sometime.  Another good reason is the great food and pastries from Coco’s Bakery and relaxing by the beautiful Lake Superior – largest, deepest and coldest great lake.

This morning we left our campsite about 9:50 and traveled to Antigo, WI.  We were set up in the Antigo City campground before 3:00.  We will spend the weekend on laundry and groceries, etc.  Monday we will begin a new adventure.

One thought on “Today Was a Moving Day”

  1. We may have already talked about this, but your post reminded me about Ryan Island: It is the largest island on the largest lake (Siskiwit) on the largest island (Isle Royal) on the largest lake (Superior) in the United States.

    Enjoy your posts! Hugs!




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