Headed North Again

Saturday, July 31, 2021

We are on the road again.  Since our last post on July 14, we made a leisurely 2 day drive back to  Alabama.  We have spent the two weeks in Alabama catching up on things for both aunts and working at Helen’s house.  The landscaping looks better but we still have work to do.  We also had a couple of doctor and dentist appointments (including a 2 hour root canal re-treat).  For the family, please remember to pray for the aunts because as of yesterday the nursing home is closed to visits again.  A staff member tested positive for COVID and with the numbers so bad in Alabama, I don’t expect them to allow visits again anytime soon.  Glad we saw them Wednesday when we were in town.

As is the case for a large part of the country currently, it is very hot in Alabama. Temperatures are in the 90s with heat index above 100.  We decided it was time to head north looking for some lower temperatures. Today around lunch time we buttoned up the house and drove as far as Paducah, KY this afternoon.  Traffic was bad especially around Nashville. Headed into Nashville, we had a 30  minute traffic jam.  We never saw the reason but traffic inched along for what seemed live forever and then suddenly cleared. We are overnighting in a church parking lot in West Paducah. You may remember we have stopped here previously when heading back to Alabama last year.  The pastor is very familiar with the NOMADS and welcomes us whenever we pass through.  We appreciate his hospitality.  It’s a little cooler here than Alabama but not enough.  We will continue north tomorrow.

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