Cowboy Camp

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Sunday was a great day of worship at Lester Memorial.  Our Appalachian Service Project (ASP) Mission team arrived back in Oneonta Saturday and several of the team members shared their experiences at worship.  We had several youth who made their first ASP trip this year and it was great to hear of the impact on their lives.  Got to get folks mission oriented at a young age.  Our children are even doing a local service project as part of our Vacation Bible School program this year.

After Sunday School we again checked on our Aunts and they are about the same.  We then headed home for some lunch and then headed to Camp Sumatanga.  We were asked a few weeks ago to help out in the kitchen Sunday and Monday.  We helped cook for 300 people involved in the Cowboy Camp.  It was a little reunion with friends who routinely prepare great meals for NOMADS when we have projects there.  Sunday dinner was barbeque and three different desserts that we helped make and Monday was taco boats with churros.  We worked on the salads, condiment cups and churros.  Fun way to give back to camp.

Today Anne did some shopping, NOMADS business and Max cut the grass and worked on getting Fred and the truck ready to go as we are trying to get everything done so we can get on the road Thursday morning.  BTW, it’s a great year for fresh homegrown blueberries.  Max cooked some awesome blueberry pancakes.

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