Constructors for Christ 2021 – Calvary Baptist Church, Warrior, Alabama

Saturday, June 26, 2021

So, when we last left you we had completed our last day in Laurel, MS on the spring DR project.  We spent Friday, doing paperwork, meeting with the Restore Jones County folks and getting Fred ready to roll.  Friday evening we had dinner with the Restore staff and then drove back to Alabama on Saturday morning.  It was an uneventful travel day and we were able to back Fred into his usual parking spot at Aunt Helen’s house and get him set up before the rain returned.  Sunday we were able to attend worship at Lester Memorial and then visit with our Aunts after Sunday school.  It was so good to see them and they are doing fairly well.   We spent the following week catching up on things like cutting grass, trimming hedges, and just routine maintenance at Aunt Helen’s house.  We were trying to prepare the house for guests – some mission volunteer family members.

Randy and Debra and Leon (Jennifer’s Dad) arrived Sunday afternoon and David (Randy’s and Debra’s son), Jen and Miriam arrived Monday night.  All this last week we were working on Calvary Baptist Church in Warrior, AL.  Our schedule was arise at 4am, depart Aunt Helen’s at 5am, start work at 6am, finish at 6pm, eat supper with the group, drive back in time to shower and go to bed, then repeat. That didn’t leave much time for blogging. Work on their new building was begun several weeks ago and now Constructors for Christ will be working there for five weeks.  It was such fun to reunite with friends we haven’t seen since last year when we worked on building Pine Grove church.  Love this group of God loving volunteers!  The women’s devotional time is always so sweet for Anne.  The guys and a few of the gals spent a lot of this week on rough electrical and final framing.  Our group size was up from last year but still not back to pre-Covid years.

Randy and Max spent most of the week working with various team members on the entrances to the sanctuary and fellowship hall and framing the sound booth.

Most of the week David worked with others on various framing details.

Others worked all over the building adjusting framing and installing electrical components.

We finished another good Constructors week Friday at lunch and had to say goodbye until next year.  Safe travel dear friends. Today we said goodbye to Randy, Debra, Leon, David, Jen and Miriam.  This afternoon we have been doing laundry and taking naps.  Looking forward to another Sunday worship with our Lester Memorial family tomorrow.

One thought on “Constructors for Christ 2021 – Calvary Baptist Church, Warrior, Alabama”

  1. Wow that’s a big job. Great seeing all the family working together. I know you’re all exhausted. It’s been a hot week. Take care and God bless.


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