TN-VA-WV: Stop 1, Crossville, TN

Saturday, June 3, 2021

Thursday was our first day back on the road since we sold the house.  We decided to change it up a little.  We left home at 7:15 and drove the US highways, avoiding the interstates to Crossville, TN.  That means we drove from Remlap, up through Guntersville enjoying the lake views, to just west of Chattanooga onto I 24 up one exit, and then continuing on state highways north to Crossville.  We drove through some small little Tennessee towns with some beautiful scenery. Love working our way into the mountains.  Shortly before our arrival the rain began falling on us.  Fortunately, we had a little break as we arrived at The Gardens RV Community and were able to get set up without getting wet. The rain did return and rained most of the night.  The Gardens is a beautiful RV community with homes built specifically for RVers.  We took a tour and found most of the homes are duplex type units with REALLY BIG garages and small homes attached.  Some have 2 large 14 foot high RV garage doors and one small automobile garage door.  Most of the attached homes are 2 or 3 bedroom but a few of the homes are very large. A few are single family units.  Very nice construction and very friendly community.  Beautiful landscaping.  Quiet and peaceful environment.  We looked at homes and lots for sale.  Of course we didn’t purchase anything but we did like the community and got some ideas in case we decide to build something in the future.  In exchange for taking the tour we were able to stay for 2 nights for free in their campground called “Homeless Hill.”  It’s designed for those who have purchased lots and are waiting for their homes to be built and for people like us that are looking at the community.

Friday we visited Cumberland State park, also in Crossville, and really enjoyed our time of hiking there. We also enjoyed a ranger presentation with a Great Horned Owl named Chomper.  Great information about owls and other birds of prey.  Really nice state park and it was so great to be back in the woods.  Refreshing for the soul.  The rest of the day we spent exploring Crossville, getting a feel for the community.  It was a fun visit to a new destination and we made new friends.

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