Moving and Starting Again

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Friday was moving day for the entire ECHO team, either to the next project or for a little R&R.  We waited to say goodbye to everyone and then headed to the grocery store to resupply.  We left Riverside Retreat Center after lunch.  We stopped at a Harvest Hosts site Friday afternoon.  Our HH site was a beekeeper.  We arrived there mid-afternoon and went to the gift shop for a visit.  One of the owners was there and spent time explaining to us a little about the bee business.  They take almost all their bees to California about this time every year for the almond pollination.  We learned that almond trees require the bees and the quality of the bees impacts the almond production.  After the almond blooms are gone the bees are shipped to other areas of the country and end up back at their home in Florida for the winter and then the cycle resumes the end of January or early February each year when they again return to California.  It’s a huge business.  We love to visit Harvest Hosts sites and learn new things.

We had a very quiet, peaceful night and Saturday morning drove on to our next project in Dundee, FL.  We are parked at Camp Endeavor and will be working for the next two weeks about 5 minutes away at Dundee UMC.  The third week we will be doing some work at the camp.  The weather is beautiful, the camp has nice flat sites with full hookups and is next to an orange grove.  Life is good.  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Praying for all those who are ill and all those taking care of them.  Please stay safe and healthy!

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