Beginning Work at Dundee UMC

Monday, January 25, 2021

We started the day with a heavy fog, but by mid-morning the sun was out and we had a beautiful spring-like day.  It is just about 2 months earlier than we usually have spring in north Alabama.  It was 81 this afternoon.  We of course started the day with devotion, and today enjoyed meeting outside at our campsites.  Mary Ann reminded us of the different gifts God has given each of us.  We are all different, and should encourage each other, rather than criticize when others do things differently from us.  We should do everything in love – love of God and each other.

After devotion, we drove the 5 minutes to the church and began the day with Gene and Mary Ann showing us around the property and discussing the various items of work.  We all began by moving everything out of the nursery getting it ready for painting.  Gene and Bill took down a light pole in front of the office and Anne and Max began working in the office, removing the dishwasher and a peninsula from the kitchen. Becky, Randy, Mary Ann and Nell began the wall patching and painting in the nursery.  Gene and Bill also did some landscaping work and work on a door that was sticking. A lot was accomplished on our first day!  While we all work socially distanced and wearing our masks, we still laugh, and enjoy our work.  We are so blessed to be able to spend this time of our lives in this work.

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