Everything Completed!

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Wow, it has been a busy week.  This team has accomplished more than we ever thought would be possible when we started three weeks ago.  Today we learned that we completed more than our friends at ECHO thought we would do as well.  On our task list on day one was removing the old bamboo structure and building the new one, pouring the concrete for the seed bank slab, and replacing the pedestrian bridge deck boards.  There was also the storage container to be emptied, and new flooring installed and there was pressure washing if time allowed.  As of this afternoon all those items were completed plus sometime during week one, building a wall in the propagation area was added to the list and that too was completed.  ECHO actually thought the next team (not NOMADS) coming in two weeks would need to complete the new bamboo shed and possibly other items on the list.

Finishing the Bamboo Treatment Shed
Finishing the Seed Dryer Slab
Finishing the Storage Container Floor
Before and After

This was such a fun, talented, hardworking team.  It was such a blessing to us to be able to assist ECHO in their mission of helping feed the hungry around the world by teaching them location specific skills to grow enough food to feed their families.  The work and mission of ECHO is amazing.  We will continue to support them with our prayers and hope to be able to return here one day.

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