Finishing Projects

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Monday morning we all returned to ECHO to begin our last week here.  It’s been a great place to work!  Anne and Max returned to the foot bridge with Gregg and Karen to complete the installation of the deck boards and complete it we did, just before quitting time!  However, that did not complete the work.  Jhon (yes that is the correct spelling) brought us some bright yellow aluminum safety plates to install.  We didn’t get the installation completed until Tuesday morning – 23 safety plates with 18 screws per plate.  It took until mid-morning to complete.  One project complete.

Wanda and Janet returned to the wall project Monday morning making great progress.  They completed the wall about lunch time today.  Project two complete.

Suzan, Kevin, Ken and Vi returned to our largest project, the bamboo pressure treatment shed.  Monday they completed the installation of all the stringers.  Today they began the metal work.  Max and Greg rejoined that team this afternoon.  By the end of the day, all of the roofing was installed except two pieces of metal.  It is looking great! We are getting close on this project.

This afternoon Anne, Karen, Wanda and Janet pressure washed the Price building (office building) and began on the sidewalks.  We will see what tomorrow brings but the plan is to pour the concrete for the seed dryer.  Maybe that will be another project complete.  Only two more days, and lots more to accomplish!

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