Last Weekend at LaBelle

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Friday was a day of rest, errands and chores.  We went to the produce stand again for fresh fruit and mango jam and then decided to explore a little and went to the Lehigh Acres Publix instead of the one on our route to ECHO.  It was a larger store and didn’t seem so crowded – a relief. We still aren’t comfortable in crowded stores.  Totally unexpected, we drove by a Culver’s, so of course we stopped for ice cream, so it was a good day.   Saturday we rested some more and went back to the Caloosahatchee Regional Park for our exercise.  We looked at some different places to go but Caloosahatchee is just so convenient and the flora and fauna in the other parks in the area is about the same.  We reversed our track from last week and so of course saw some different plants and trees.  Funny how just walking the opposite direction does that.

Today was a grey, chilly day.  We of course began with our worship service.  We continue to be grateful for our connection to home through our weekly worship.  This afternoon we headed to another LaBelle park and went by way of the Fort Denaud swing bridge across the Okeechobee waterway.  This bridge swings open 90 degrees rather than opening upwards like a drawbridge.  You don’t see this type bridge as often.  Even more different, the bridge tender is in a small concrete building at the side of one end of the bridge.  When a boat wants to go through, the tender presses the button sending the arms down stopping traffic.  When all the traffic as off the bridge, the tender then walks to the halfway point of the bridge, presses the buttons to swing the bridge 90 degrees (the tender rides the swing).  When the vessels have passed, the tender closes the bridge, walks back to the tender building, raises the arms allowing traffic to pass again.  Guess the tender gets lots of steps every day.  Lucky the weather is generally nice.  Wonder what happens when there are storms.

After returning from our little afternoon road trip, the team met at the sling shot range and all shot rocks at hanging cans.  They also have an archery range here – some of the many activities for the kids at summer camp.  We were planning a little competition but decided we were all such bad shots it really wouldn’t be worthwhile.  After playing for a while we had a fire at the swings by the river.  It was a nice socially distanced get together for our last weekend.  Now it’s time to get ready for our last four days of work.

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