Another Busy Week

Friday, January 15, 2021

The team continued to work on the structure for the bamboo pressure treatment area, the foot bridge at the gift shop, and added another task of demoing and rebuilding a wall/fence for a storage shed near one of the gardens.  We all  moved around working in the different areas and got a lot done.  Wanda and Janet got the fence/wall demoed and began the rebuilding process Thursday afternoon.

All the large beams are now in place for the BPTA.  Each of the beams are two 2x12s laminated together and 18 feet long.  We have no idea what they weigh but they are very heavy.  The facilities staff used their tractor and brought in some extra help from other departments to help us get them in place.  It all had to be carefully orchestrated to keep everyone safe and we are very thankful to be able to say there were no injuries to NOMADS or staff at ECHO.

The foot bridge has had all the structural members replaced or reinforced and now has a firm foundation.  The deck boards are about 2/3 complete.  Everything is looking good and progress is being made.

The slab for the seed dryer is scheduled to be poured Wednesday.  We have four more days to make as much progress as we can.  We pray that we will be able to complete what the Lord has planned for us to accomplish and the rest will be for another group arriving next month to complete.  It was another successful, busy week.

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