Meetings Complete, Time To Play

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Planning meeting
Great planning team

Tuesday and Wednesday were more work days planning the 2021 annual meeting. Bev and Don, the chairs of the committee, are doing a great job and they are working with a great group of NOMADS from Indiana. Looking forward to next year’s annual meeting. Tuesday night we had a beautiful sunset. Monday night the sky was boiling with the storm and Tuesday the clouds provided a sunset that everyone was outside admiring.

After this morning’s devotion time we had to say goodbye to all our NOMADS friends as they were all on the road again. We are staying here in Elkhart until at least Monday and doing some of the tourist things. We won’t have time to play when everyone is here for the meeting next year so we are partaking for some of the fun now. First we went to the doughnut shop that everyone raves about. We tried 3 different flavors today and they were all great! More tomorrow. Then we visited the RV/MH Hall of Fame and Museum here in Elkhart. What a fun place! There are trailers and memorabilia going back to the 1920’s. Some amazing trailers from the 1930’s. Interesting was one from the 1930’s that had a type of slide out. Also interesting was that there were those with residential refrigerators back in the earliest days and then we “advanced” to the propane and now we are are moving back to residential. We never knew there were residential refrigerators in the trailers in the 1940s. We had a fun relaxing day.

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