An Ice Cream Filled Donut????

Friday, August 13, 2020

Today was another beautiful day in Elkhart. Those of you that follow us know we love factory tours. In Elkhart that means RV factories. Most of the factories are not doing tours due to COVID but we were able to arrange a tour of the Coachman Class B RV factory in Middlebury. One of the regional reps took us on our own private tour. They usually produce 5 class B’s per day at this factory but today the assembly line was not is full operation. Some of the ancillary folks were working but we learned that there is an extreme shortage of parts for all the manufacturers. Orders are at an all time high but all are waiting on parts (many from China). For their Class B’s the current shortage is running boards. They have all these motor homes ready to be shipped, minus the running boards. They were expecting a truck in today. Gary, our tour guide, took us through from start to final finish and then introduced us to the general manager and customer service manager. Everyone we met was very nice and they reminded us of the folks at the Tiffin plant.

After completing our tour we decided to go to the Middlebury Rise ‘n’ Roll Bakery. This is a large store/bakery where they actually bake the items for the other stores. We went here because yesterday in Elkhart we were told we needed to go to Middlebury for the ice cream stuffed doughnut. Soft serve ice cream and doughnuts – Donna, this one was for you. After that, it was time to to hit the trails. We found a really nice bike and hiking trail about 30 minutes south of Middlebury and walked it all off. It was another wonderful day.

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