Storms And Sunsets

Monday, August 10, 2020

Early this morning we had a rain storm at the Grissom Air Museum. We had to wait for the rain to end so we could walk about two blocks to the Dutch Cafe, a local restaurant with good ratings. We were definitely glad we waited. We shared the country scramble which was three eggs, bacon, hash browns, cheese and toast made from home made bread. Very, very good and almost more than the two of us could eat. Some of you will find this hard to believe but we didn’t even eat any of the cinnamon rolls. Of course we did share one for our dessert after lunch. Excellent! We saved one for tomorrow’s breakfast.

After a nice walk we left the museum en route to Elkhart, Indiana. We will be meeting here the next three days with the NOMADS committee in charge of the 2021 annual meeting. First meeting was at 3:00 this afternoon. It was good to see everyone and hard to not hug some dear friends but we wore our masks and everyone kept their distance. So tired of Covid! The meeting ended a little early because on an approaching severe storm. We all pulled in our slides and put all the chairs and outside stuff away and then returned to the more secure building to ride out what were predicted to be 70mph winds. It was an impressive storm but no damage in our immediate area. Not too far away there was some damage. Again we were blessed and it reminded the committee of the need to have emergency plans in place for the meeting. It was another good day.

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