Our First Harvest Host Stays

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Yesterday morning we completed the packing up of Fred and were on the road again. This time our destination was Sparta, Kentucky. It was a beautiful drive through more of the Tennessee mountains and into Kentucky. We exited the interstate and drove through the country on US Hwy 127 to Sparta and the Steepleview Farm. It was an interesting drive. This was the weekend of the annual World’s Longest Yard Sale. It goes from Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama on HWY 127 or 690 miles. We live just about 30 miles from Gadsden but we have never partaken of the festivities of this event. We had to drive to Kentucky to have this experience. There were cars and vendors lining the highway for miles. Sometimes there was a gap of several miles and then there would be more vendors and cars on the side of the road. It made for a slow drive from the interstate to the farm. It wasn’t bad but a longer drive than we expected. Steepleview Farm was our first visit to a Harvest Host site. If you aren’t familiar with Harvest Hosts look them up. Our host Marc met us as soon as we arrived and helped us get parked. He was great. He introduced us to his wife and showed us around the organic farm. It was a beautiful country farm with sunflowers, zenias, all varieties of tomatoes, watermelon, peppers, corn, homemade items such as salsa and honey from their bees. Yesterday they had vendors for the yard sale set up in one of the pastures beside the road. We had a beautiful sunset, a quiet, restful night and wonderful sunrise this morning.

After visiting with Marc again this morning we were on the road again and this time to another Harvest Host site at the Grissom Air Museum in Peru, Indiana. It is a small museum but they have a large number of planes outside for viewing and then some cockpits, flight simulator, and other educational materials inside for viewing. The docent was very informative and the lady handling the Harvest Hosts duties was welcoming and helpful as well. Currently we are sitting outside in the parking lot enjoying the cool evening breeze after another really good day.

One thought on “Our First Harvest Host Stays”

  1. Grissom AFB great place to visit, didn’t know it was a Harvest Host. Will have to check it out. Blessings, Ruth and Mike

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