Our Last Work Day in the Keys

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Our last work day here was a beautiful one and a busy one.  Anne, Anita and Tammy worked at the Atlantis house (now known as Atlantis 1 since we also worked at the house next door – now known as Atlantis 2). There they worked the final few punch list items of installing some baseboard and some touchup painting. We really wanted to finish at least one more house before we left and do a Bible presentation. We had thought a couple of times we were finished with this house but more items kept being added to the list. Today the team actually got all the items off the list. For now.


Barb, Bill and Reid worked at Atlantis 2 installing more insulation and hanging more drywall. The four Pennsylvania college students worked with them till noon when they were rewarded with a trip to Key West. The ceiling drywall was finished in one room.


Rodney and Max installed one of the new hurricane rated exterior doors at Dennis’s.  While there the long-awaited kitchen countertop was delivered and the installers started installing it when Dennis noticed the one of the three pieces was a lighter color. After conferring with the owner of the company the installers loaded the countertops back in the truck. Dennis, while disappointed, took it in stride like he does everything.  The whole team was very disappointed too because we have been waiting for the counter tops for a long time.


The team went to Kiki’s Sandbar for dinner after work. The food was good and we had a great time visiting with each other. After dinner we went back to Atlantis 1 to present the Bible signed by all the team members to the homeowner.  She was very grateful for all the NOMADS who had worked on her house and hopes to move in in a few weeks.


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