We’re Not in the Keys Anymore

Sunday, March 15, 2020

On Friday we said our “see-you-down-the-road” to Anita and Reid as they pulled out before sunrise to head back north. Later we met with Rodney and Tammy to transfer leadership and paperwork of the project and then Anne was in an online NOMADS Board meeting from 11:00 am till 4:30 pm. Max took that time to reorganize and repack for travel. That didn’t take nearly as long. We ended the day with another pizza at No-Name Pub.  The pizza was again very good.  However, this time we almost shared it with the owner’s dog.  He had a Great Dane that was huge.  He walked up and put his head on our table and we barely blocked him in time to save our pizza.  Cute dog.

Saturday we waited for the parking lot to clear and left about 10:30 am to travel to Midway Campground where we stayed a couple of nights on the way to the Keys back in December. It was an uneventful trip except for about a half hour delay for a traffic standstill (never did find out what caused it) around Islamorada.

Today we are comfortably social distanced in the campground watching Lester Memorial’s live streamed worship service. And relaxing.

Editorial from Max: As many of you know, my last career was in emergency management. I can remember developing plans for several “new” infectious diseases during those 20+ years. During many of those events I was amazed by the unreasonable and irrational responses by the American populace. With that in mind you would think nothing would ever surprise me. Until this week I thought that, too. Apparently, as evidenced by the empty shelves and reported fights in stores, there is no limit to the ability of the media and social media to create panic. I’m not minimizing the severity of the disease and agree with most of the measures being taken to extend the spread of the infection over a longer period of time to keep the number of those needing treatment within our capability to care for them. There is just a difference between reasonable response and panic.

I remember some studies the National Weather Service conducted to try to understand why so many people ignored tornado warnings. One theory was that there were so many tornado warnings that did not directly impact the individual that they assumed the next one would not either. Apparently, that does not apply to these type situations.

The emergency plan for media and social media: “When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.” 

One thought on “We’re Not in the Keys Anymore”

  1. Safe travel home. Loved your last comment Max. Too funny. I bet you guys are ready to relax. Although Donna said you were going to be at Camp Sumatanga. Wish the weather was better for you here.


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