Wow Wednesday

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Delicious key lime cake
Our delicious key lime cake. WOW!

The highlight of our day was a delicious key lime cake that the volunteer coordinator and case manager brought to the team today.  It arrived just before lunch so we invited the team to join us just before going back to work to share it. It’s the only key lime cake we have ever had and WOW was it delicious. We really hope to have it again. And we really hope to see Robin and Jeremy somewhere down the road.

On the work side, part of the team was again joined by the four college students from Pennsylvania at Atlantis 2 where they helped the team carry drywall upstairs, installed insulation and begin the hanging of drywall there. Barb worked with them all day and Bill and Reid worked there except when they were next door finishing the bridge cabinet install and re-installing a piece of door trim the countertop installers took down. According to Jim, that finishes that house.


Rodney and Max were at Atlantis 2 for a while in the morning helping everyone get started. The rest of the day they were at Art’s getting the cabinets ready for countertops and working other punch list items. Tammy and Anita worked at Art’s painting and working on other punch list items.



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