Be Strong and Courageous

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Barb led us in devotion today, based on Joshua 1:9, “Be Strong and Courageous.” She reminded us to face our fears, even our fear of failure. Sometimes failure can be positive. It teaches us what doesn’t work and that is an important lesson. Fear of failure can be crippling. We have to be brave enough to try. Thanks, Barb for that important reminder.

Today was a Gumby day. Barb, Reid and Bill went to the Atlantis house to install the bridge cabinet over the refrigerator by the new wall we built. It was much more than a simple installation because of the spacing of the refrigerator and attachment to a pantry cabinet. Barb also worked on reinstalling some trim removed by the counter top guys. The installation is almost complete but we had to get some different screws for them to complete the job. Max and Rodney started the day at Atlantis then went to Art’s house to join Anne, Tammy, and Anita. Since there was no counter top or window installation for Dennis today we worked at Art’s. There was more painting walls, caulking, painting doors, and repairing of drywall, as well as preparation of the cabinets for counter tops. There was also a lot of cleanup and organization done at Art’s. We had to do that to get the new materials, Jim brought to us, in the house. Thanks, Anita and Tammy for working on that project. It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings. We sure hope Dennis gets his counter tops and windows before we leave.

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