Start of Our Last Week

Monday, March 9, 2020

Monday morning of our last week
Monday morning of our last week

Today the Ripley’s started our last week in the Keys by leading us in our devotional time. Rodney talked about his memories of his mother making bread with all the right ingredients and how wonderful the bread was. Fresh homemade bread – nothing better. But then he reminded us that what God has for us is so much better. Bread is really great but what God has for us is beyond our wildest dreams. He uses perfect ingredients and perfect timing to shape our future. And sometimes he uses us as those ingredients to shape the future for others. With all the talk of bread and as part of the object lesson Tammy made some wonderful southern pecan muffins. They were buttery and nutty and oh so good. Thanks, Tammy and Rodney!

Delicious devotional example
Delicious devotional example

After devotion we all headed in opposite directions. Max and Rodney headed down to Lower Sugarloaf  Key to meet the countertop people at the Keystone house and re-install the sink after the counter tops were installed. The home owner was so pleased. This was for the lady who has been cooking three meals a day and washing all her dishes in the bathtub for 2 years. We are so happy for her. Bill, Barb and Reid headed back to Art’s house. There they continued to work on the painting and the drywall. They painted all the walls and installed the peninsula cabinets. More items were added to the work order there today so NOMADS will be at Art’s for several more days. At Dennis’s house the window crew that we thought were supposed to arrive today were a no show as was the countertop crew. We think the counter tops will now be delivered Wednesday. No idea on the windows. However, we did have four college students from Pennsylvania arrive and begin painting the exterior of the house. They are doing a very good job! Anita did put a second coat of paint on the window trim that was installed last week as well as the bathroom door. She also worked with Anne and Tammy on cleaning the bathroom floor. After lunch Anita went to Art’s to paint and the other ladies continued to work to removed some of the build up on the tile from the salt water that was in the house for over a week after hurricane Irma. We also did a little flooring repair. Now we will wait on the windows, countertops and doors. It was a great start to our last week in the Keys.

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