Last Weekend in the Keys

Sunday, March 08, 2020

[Begin (tongue-in-cheek) rant]  Five weekends in a row! Yes, FIVE weekends in a row of either cooler or windier or rainier weather AND small craft advisories. We had hoped to do some snorkeling or kayaking this weekend. Instead we conducted NOMADS business, worked on taxes, did laundry and cleaned house. Whoopie-doo. [End rant]

On Friday we had to say “See you down the road” to Mark and Lisa and Dallas. Hated to see them go, but we really appreciated them staying an extra week to help move the project along. Then on Saturday we welcomed Tammy and Rodney in to Big Pine Key. We will be transitioning leadership of the team to them this week. We are looking forward to a great final week with a great team.

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