Another Beautiful NOMADS Friday

Thursday, March 5, 2020


Today was a very busy day. We started the day with Lisa and Barb completing the drywall at Atlantis. They then joined Max, Bill, Mark and Reid down at Art’s house on Summerland Key where everyone was painting and Reid was working on a particularly challenging section of drywall. Anne and Anita were back at Dennis’s caulking and painting the trim that was installed yesterday. They also worked on cleanup, and cleanup of the trailer. After lunch Lisa and Mark joined them back at Dennis’s to get the trailer ready for Jim to move Saturday and install the towel bars, towel ring and toilet paper holder in the bathroom. Back at Art’s the team completed the second coat of paint on the ceiling, and installed the cleats in the floor for the installation of the peninsula cabinets. Dennis’s bathroom is complete. We will need to put another coat of paint on the window trim but most things are complete at his house. Great news for Dennis today is that the contractor is supposed to start the installation of his new windows Monday. Once that is done we will need to trim out the new windows. We are still waiting on the counter tops and exterior doors there. We have a hard working team that accomplished a lot this week. Very thankful for them.

Tonight we tried a new to us restaurant on Marathon, Burdine’s. Lisa and Mark went here last week and chose this for their last evening with the team. It was very good and everyone seemed to have a great time. Yes, we had key lime pie again, this time fried in a flour tortilla with cinnamon. Very good!

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