A God-Thing Today

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

With Jim, the construction coordinator, on vacation this week the task of purchasing and delivering supplies fell on us – the team leaders. We met with Jim before he left and he asked us to go to Home Depot and purchase the cabinets for Art’s house. This is a house we have not worked on before but other volunteer groups have. In fact, a multi-generational group from Minnesota worked on it last week. They put down the vinyl plank flooring and did some painting. Our assignment is to pick up where they left off and finish the house.  We had planned to go get the cabinets earlier in the week but stayed busy at Dennis’s house and the Atlantis house. But we digress. So this morning Bill (and his larger pickup truck) and Max headed out to Key West to get cabinets. We, and Jim, had checked the online inventory and found out one of the cabinets, a 9” base,  was not in stock and had to be special ordered. The kitchen would not go together correctly without that cabinet.

We met with the kitchen design specialist to start gathering all the other cabinets.  She looked at the list and told us the 9” base is not a stock item. Then she went on to tell us that someone else had ordered one and then just a few minutes before had told her they no longer needed it. It was still sitting beside her desk.  God works mysteriously, and sometimes with kitchen cabinets.

We were able to get the cabinets installed today.  Without that one little God-thing cabinet we would have been delayed no telling how long.

Elsewhere – Anne and Anita worked at Dennis’s cleaning the bathroom and painting trim. Lisa and Barb did some drywall touchup at Atlantis then went to Dennis’s to case and trim a window and the bathroom door.  And Reid and Mark redid some of the flooring and installed transitions and baseboard at Art’s.


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