Deja Vu Day

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Barb presented our devotion this morning using Romans 3:21-26. She then read a story about a woman who ran into a stack of items in a store and knocked them over and broke them.  When she offered to pay for the broken items, the store manager told her to not worry about it, that the store had insurance for that. Barb reminded us that Jesus provided us grace as our “insurance.”

Mirror installedFor the most part today’s work was like yesterday’s. Lisa and Barb spent most of the day finishing drywall at the Atlantis house and the rest of the team worked on plumbing, painting and trim at Dennis’s. His bathroom is almost finished with the painting finished and even the mirror installed over the vanity. This after noon Bill and Max took a ride about 10 minutes south to measure for cabinets and develop a work plan Art’s house on Summerland Key.

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