New Team, New Week

Monday, March 2, 2020

It was another busy day. We started by leading our devotional time this morning and then reviewing our work plans for the day. We all headed out to Dennis’s and so Barb and Bill and Reid and Anita could meet Dennis and see where we stand there. Then Barb and Lisa went to Atlantis to continue the drywall finishing and caulking of the door. Anita and Anne worked on painting the ceiling and most of the walls of the bathroom. Reid worked on plumbing and shelving for the bathroom linen closet as did Bill. He also installed the bathroom light fixture and wired in the plug for the stove. Mark worked on plumbing all day. Max went between the houses making sure everyone had what they needed and made a few trips to the store for supplies. A number of items were marked off our punch list today. It was the first day with a new team and often it takes some time for the team to start to mesh. This team, with a good deal of experience, went right to work and accomplished a lot today.

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