Breath Prayers

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Looks like the folks at home are in for another bout of winter the next few days while we are having hot days with high humidity. We were very thankful for having air conditioning where we were working today. But we are all so thankful to be in the Keys. We are working with a great group of NOMADS!

Sue shared at our devotion time today and we were all blessed. She did some teaching and sharing on prayer and specifically about breath prayers. We are called to pray without ceasing and one of the ways we can do this is with breath prayers. For example, inhale and say, Speak Lord, exhale while saying Your servant is listening. Repeat for about 30 seconds and then remember to say your breath prayer throughout the day. You can use many scriptures as breath prayers. At the end she gave each of us a piece of paper with a breath prayer for us to keep with us and use today. Thanks, Sue, for sharing.

Our breath prayers
Our breath prayers

Today’s work was a little different. Early Max, Dan and Mark went back to Dennis’s and worked on taping and mudding the drywall, and plumbing. Anne, Virgie, Lisa and Sue worked on completing the painting of the David Hill room at the church, completing the trim painting and getting a second coat of paint on doors. By lunch the ladies had completed the painting and cleaned the work area. It look so much better and brighter. A fresh coat of paint really helps things. Right after lunch Dan got a call from Jim and he needed Max and Mark to return to the church and install a new water heater in the kitchen. So, change of assignments and Anne and Dan and Sue worked on completing the first coat of mud on the ceiling and walls of the bathroom. Virgie and Lisa worked on doing some deep cleaning and moving supplies and tools that are no longer needed at Dennis’s back to the trailer. We are also trying to move left over materials back to the church. Dennis’s house is getting closer and closer to completion. It was another very good day.

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