Busy, Busy Day!

Thursday, February 20, 2020

This morning Lisa talked to us about how God’s heart is for his children. He wants us to love our enemies because it’s His way of keeping our hearts from turning to stone. He wants only good for us. He loves us so much he offers us redemption through Jesus. Thanks, Lisa.

After morning meeting we all headed back to Dennis’s house. Our goals for today were to get his shower so he can use it and work our punch list and continue cleanup in and around the house. It was a busy day. Anne, Max and Sue began by preparing the freezer board for the shower walls. Lisa and Mark worked on the punch list by replacing and repairing electrical outlets and switches and painting the electrical box in the kitchen area. It looks so much better. Dan and Virgie spent a very hot morning working on cleaning up part of our construction debris outside. After cutting all the pieces and dry fitting everything the installation in the shower began after lunch.  Everyone was in the bathroom at some point in the afternoon. The gluing of the freezer board, caulking, shower rod and curtain kept us busy. It was a little after quitting time when we were finally able to turn on the shower and show Dennis everything was working again after 10 days without his shower. He was so happy. And so were we. Next week we will be back to working the drywall.

After really quick showers, the team headed south to Geiger Key Marina and Restaurant. We had a wonderful evening with great food and beautiful sunset. Truly a “Keys” experience. A great way to start our weekend.

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