Nice Day on the Island

Friday, January 10, 2020

We slept in today and then went out to breakfast at a little local restaurant CoCo’s Kitchen which is in the same shopping center as Winn Dixie. Locals have told us it’s the best place to eat on Big Pine with reasonable prices too. It’s a Cuban restaurant but has other foods as well. Today we had just a regular breakfast of eggs, gravy biscuit, sausage and hash browns. It was good and reasonably priced. Their lunch and dinner menu look good too so we will go back and give it a try. Wanda has already been there for supper two nights and said she would go back.

After breakfast we walked down to the National Key Deer Refuge Visitor and Nature Center. The center was destroyed by Hurricane Irma and this new facility just recently opened. It has displays of the various birds and wildlife in the Keys with special focus on the Key Deer. We really didn’t learn anything new there since we had already done research on line. They also had a nice little gift shop. We actually went they to ask about guided bike tours of the area but the very nice attendant told us they no longer have those.

Since there were no guided tours, this afternoon Greg and Karen road down to Blue Hole with us and Wanda joined us in her truck. (Sara had to go back to Florida City to get her car today.) The two gators were there again but posing differently today. It was a nice ride and a cloudy, gray day. We had some rain over night and sprinkles throughout the day. The rest of the day was spent on laundry and book work. It was another good day.

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