Another Nice Weekend In The Keys

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Saturday and Sunday have been nice days. A little windy and occasional showers – enough that we didn’t want to be out on the water – but still nice. We were sad to follow all the horrible weather in other parts of the country, including the storm deaths in Alabama. Saturday we had some work to do but also relaxed. We went to the flea market – again didn’t purchase anything but it’s fun to look and people watch. Unlike any other flea market we have been to, we also got to key deer watch. Just as we were arriving a little buck walked in to the market. He looked around a hardware booth then walked down to one of the plant booths and we heard someone yell, “don’t let him eat the roses.” Shortly we saw someone escorting him out. The deer are so protected that you really have to be careful how you protect your property. Of course too many have been fed by people so they will come right up to you. They also don’t mind ambling down the highway and stopping traffic. You aren’t suppose to interfere with them.

Interesting sign we saw on the way to the flea market on Saturday
Interesting sign we saw on the way to the flea market on Saturday

Today of course we worshiped at Big Pine UMC and then enjoyed a very nice brunch and fellowship with the members. We got to know a couple from Wisconsin who live here six to seven months of the year (depending on the Wisconsin weather) and return home for the rest of the year. Originally they traveled in a motor home to the Keys but bought a home here about 10 years ago. After visiting Wisconsin and following their weather since we left in September, we can certainly understand their desire to be here.  However, today may have been a little too warm for the snow birds because the Keys set a new record high temperature today, 84.

Early afternoon, our new team members, Dan and Virgie, arrived. They will be taking over as leaders next week so this is a transition week. We will take them around and show them the houses we have in progress and introduce them to Jim and the homeowners. Very thankful for their safe arrival. We had team meeting tonight to discuss this week’s plans and are now ready to start our last week as leaders. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Five RVs in the campground
Five RVs in the campground now

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