Another NOMADS Friday and Another Beautiful Day

Thursday, January 9, 2020

After devotion the entire team returned to Dennis’s house. Max and Greg began the day back at work on the attic access repair they began on Tuesday. They stopped at Home Depot yesterday on the way home from Marathon to purchase some of the plastic j-channel trim used to cover bare drywall edges for the project. It took longer than expected but they finished the project today. Sara was able to put another coat of paint on it and we think it now looks really good. Sara also completed painting the bedroom closets. Good job, Sara! Dennis purchased some maple interior doors from a neighbor that we wanted to use in his house. Wanda with some assistance from Dennis got the doors outside and washed. Karen started the day inspecting the walls and touching up any areas that needed more paint and later in the day began painting the interior doors. Later in the day Max, Anne and Wanda work on the flooring a little. Late this afternoon Jim told us he needs us all back up to Marathon Monday, so we stopped work a little early to have time to get everything back in the tool trailer, and cleaned up the house. We will see what Monday brings.

Tonight the team went to dinner at Paradise, a restaurant on the north end of the island. The food was good and we had a great time visiting with everyone. It was another beautiful day and the end of another great week. We have a great team.

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