More Painting and Flooring But Also Ceilings and Walls

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Today’s devotion was brought by Sara using a reading from Our Daily Bread from a few years ago. 1 Samuel 16 where God chooses someone that looks to be an unlikely choice was the basis. She talked to us about our first impressions. We can’t help but make them when we see or meet someone but often they are so inaccurate. She gave us some good examples and left us with some things to think about. She also shared some of these, “If we were honest, song titles.” Thanks, Sara for sharing with us.

We then headed off to work but a little differently today. Karen, Wanda, Sara and Anne headed back to Dennis’s house. There they painted the bedroom and hall walls and started painting the closets but ran out of paint. That job will be finished tomorrow. Then the floors had to be scraped, and mopped and the flooring installation continued. The living room is now complete and work began on the hallway where it gets a little more complicated. The house is looking good.

Max and Greg headed back north to Marathon Key to work on George’s house. It’s a park model. When Max looked at it last week, the subfloor needed to be replaced. A Mission team from Marshall University replaced that yesterday and installed insulation in the ceiling trusses. Today’s job was to work with Jim and his wife Ann, Robin, one of the case managers and Jeremy, the volunteer coordinator, on installing white paneling on the ceilings and building and framing up a wall. The house is now ready for the college students to work on tomorrow.

Everyone was tired again today but some were still eager for another game night. We needed to stay home and work and didn’t participate. Maybe next time. It was another good day working in the Keys.

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