Painting and Flooring

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Wanda accompanying the singing at morning devotion
Wanda accompanying the singing at morning devotion

Wanda brought our devotion this morning from Philippians 4:4-8, reminding us to give thanks to God for what we know he can do even when we don’t know how He can do it. She also brought her guitar to accompany our singing. We always love it when our team members share their musical talents.

For the most part it was a painting and flooring day for us with the whole team at Dennis’s house again. Sara and Karen painted the ceilings that we textured yesterday while the rest of the team worked on flooring, except when Greg, Max and Dennis were busy putting a new plywood cover on the attic pulldown steps. After painting Sara helped with the flooring. At the end of the day the flooring was finished in the kitchen and almost finished in the living room. Another productive day.

We opened the fellowship hall for team game night last night and tonight. Last night they played some strange variation of Mexican train and tonight a card game called Hand and Foot. We enjoyed watching the game play (and especially the fellowship) both nights for a little bit, but unfortunately had NOMADS and personal business to take care of.

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