New Team Starts Work

Monday, January 6, 2020


It was cool this morning but the day was beautiful and back to shirt sleeve weather. Cool nights and mornings with 73 degrees for work. Perfect.

We led the team in devotion this morning and Max talked about how to stop a hurricane and how we can help stop the spiritual hurricanes of hopelessness and despair of our homeowners. Afterwards we headed to this team’s first day of work at Dennis’s house. Dennis was very pleased to meet and get to know the new team. He enjoys showing everyone all the plants in his yard such as the papaya trees, and art work he is has in process. He does a lot of work with granite and certain woods. He has some beautiful pieces.

Today the team first tackled the texturing of the back bedroom, closets and hallway. There was texturing and then knockdown and then the cleaning of all the equipment. Once that was completed we began teaching the team to install laminate flooring. They picked up on it quickly and we ended the day with about a fourth of the flooring installed in the living room and kitchen. We enjoyed teaching how to texture and install flooring. A productive and fun day.

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