Team Change Weekend

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Since we didn’t post to the blog yesterday we will catch up today.

Glenita and Steve headed back north
Glenita and Steve headed back north

Yesterday was a beautiful morning again. We had to say goodbye to Glenita and Steve as they left for their next project. This was our first project with them and we really enjoyed getting to know them. Hopefully we can work with them again soon.

Alone in the campground

For a little while the campground was empty except for FRED. Unusual. We did some work and laundry and then walked over to the flea market. It seems to have more vendors each week and as the keys have filled up with snow birds the people walking around looking at all the “treasures” have increased dramatically. It was crowded yesterday. We didn’t stay long and came home with all our money. By 10:30 Wanda called to say she was on Big Pine and would soon arrive. She is a new member of NOMADS and this is her first project. So great to meet her and look forward to working with her. By early afternoon Karen and Greg arrived and we helped them get parked. We have never worked with Karen and Greg before so we look forward to getting to know them better, too. Unfortunately, we received a call from Sara and she was having car trouble. She got back to Big Pine after dark and we helped moved her RV into it’s parking place so she could get some rest. The wind continued to blow all night at about 25 mph. This morning was another gorgeous but windy day but… according to the TV weather people, it was COLD! The high today was 69. Really funny listening to them. It is about 20 degrees cooler than last week, but we just can’t bring ourselves to say it’s cold.

We enjoyed another Sunday of worship with the congregation at Big Pine and of course the brunch afterwards. Tonight we had our opening meeting with the team and it sounds like we are going to have another great group for the next two weeks. Thankful everyone arrived safely and looking forward to another week for working for the people here in the Keys.

Welcome NOMADS
We brought in a cake to welcome our new team tonight

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