Bahia Honda State Park

Friday, January 3, 2020

We were ready for our off day today. We slept in a little but friends were leaving so we had to be up for hugs. Kathy and Larry were first out today, followed quickly by Elaine. They didn’t have long travel days so they both waited until after the morning meeting crowd had left the parking lot.

Inside George's house
Inside George’s house on Marathon Key

Max had to say his goodbyes early because he went to Marathon Key to look at a possible job site with Jim at 8:30. Anne had a much needed hair cut appointment at 10:00. After we both returned to FRED, we decided we would do a little exploring on our day off. Our first stop was Bahia Honda State Park on Bahia Honda Key, mile marker 37. It was pretty crowded today. There was a line of cars waiting to pay the $9.00 entry fee. There is currently a lot of sea grass on the beaches along with Portuguese man of war. We were careful. There is always some sea grass but based on pictures in the nature center, today was much more than the norm. We didn’t let that deter us and had a nice beach walk and visit to the Nature Center. A lot of the park is still not repaired and open from Irma damage but we enjoyed what we could see and do. We drove on north over the 7 mile bridge to Marathon and had a late lunch at Sunset Grill and Raw Bar. Interesting place and we were fortunate to have a perfect table looking out over the ocean and under the bridge. Beautiful sea today. After a few errands, we returned to FRED to relax. It was a very good day.

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