Blue New Year

Wednesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!! We slept through all the fire works except the early ones at about 9:00. Today was a regular work day for us so we had to get some sleep. Kathy and Larry led us in devotion today. Kathy used a lesson from the Upper Room based on Psalm 121, “Where does my strength come from? My strength comes from the Lord.” She read the entire Psalm substituting “NOMADS” in all the appropriate places. You could also substitute your name to personalize the message even more. Read it aloud using your name. Faith comes by hearing the Word.

After devotion and some daily planning, the team headed back to Dennis’s house. We all hit the ground running and worked hard all day. Today the kitchen and living room ceiling received the ceiling white paint. Looks good. The same two rooms walls were painted blue – almost all the walls. We don’t know the color name but some called it sky blue. It looks good and Dennis is happy with it so that’s all that really matters. It wasn’t quite dry when we left today so it was still looking a little splotchy. We will have to see tomorrow if it needs another coat. The drywall in the back bedroom was completed and was also primed, along with three closets also primed. The drywall in the hall should be ready for a light sanding and priming in the morning. Once that is done we will be ready to get the sprayer back out and texture the ceilings and walls in bedroom and hall. That will probably be one of the first projects for the team arriving this weekend. Completing the back bedroom is important because then Dennis will move into that room while we complete his bedroom and bathroom. A lot of work completed today. We are tired.

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