Sunday In Sebewaing

Sunday, September 22, 2019

It rained several times over night and throughout the day today. This afternoon we did have a period of sunny skies and we were able to hike down to the county park and check it out. There is an RV park there and the Sebewaing river runs through the park before emptying into the Saginaw Bay of Lake Huron. It’s a nice little river.

This morning the team all went to one of the about three local restaurants in town before church. The Lamplighter serves a breakfast buffet on Sunday’s and it came recommended by the camp director, Jeff. Some of the team went with the buffet and reported everything was good. We opted for a southern omelet which was very good, and big. It was “southern” because it had sausage gravy on top of the omelet. It was also served with hash browns and biscuits and we were glad we decided to share. We both ate so much we didn’t want lunch until about 3:30.

Trinity UMCWe worshiped at Trinity UMC in downtown Sebewaing. It’s an older, small church that seems very active based on the announcements and things listed in the bulletin. The congregation was very welcoming and invited us back next week to enjoy breakfast with them and view a life size replica of Goliath’s spear. Sounds interesting.

Our opening meeting was at four and it was nice to begin getting to know everyone. We have worked with about ½ the team on previous projects and it’s great to see those team members again. Now it’s time to get ready for tomorrow morning. Devotions at 8:00am.

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