Traveling Up To Lake Huron

Saturday, September 21, 2019

rainbow on Friday morning

Yesterday we woke up to the sound of rain on the roof. A couple of small showers went over before we ventured out. When we did step out God gave us a rainbow to start our day. Nice way to start our time of walking around the campsites saying our goodbyes. It’s always a little sad. May not see some of these friends until next year in West Virginia. One of our friends had some motor home issues so we hung around a little while Max and Bruce tried to help.

Around 10:45 we left Crescent City in route to Michigan. We were driving lead with our Michigan team leader Suzanne following in her new motor home and Bruce and Jackie brought up the rear. Traffic was very heavy and of course that’s when some people become a little aggressive in their driving. We had to make of couple of hard brakings. When we pulled into our first rest area we discovered part of the reason for the traffic backup. Pulling in just before us and still trying to get their rigs situated were two trucks transporting huge blades for the wind turbines. Looking at the blades generating power in the wind farms, you know they are big. Seeing them driving down the road they look even bigger, but up close and personal, standing beside the transport trucks, they are  huge. They take up a lot of room at the rest area too. Michigan allows you to spend the night in their rest areas, so our little convoy did just that.

Saturday morning sunrise on road

Everyone reported good sleep this morning before pulling out for the last leg of our trip. We had much less traffic today and saw a really nice sunrise as we traveled toward Sebewaing, MI. We received a warm welcome from the Bay Shore Camp director around 11:30. After setting up we set out to explore the camp. The camp is on the shore of Lake Huron, the second largest of the great lakes, where we hope to get some good sunset pictures while here. We found the climbing wall, miniature golf, zip line, archery, lots of buildings, pool, ball fields, outdoor worship areas, a boardwalk out to the lake and a road out to the lake. We probably haven’t found everything yet. It’s not nearly as large acreage as Camp Sumatanga at home but nice with lots of amenities. The director told us there were two negatives here. One, the sugar mill doesn’t have a pleasant aroma when the wind shifts the wrong way, and the railroad tracks that run right behind our rigs are used once a day late at night. He warned us that they would disturb our sleep for about an hour but after that it would be over for the day. We may have to bring our the ear plugs. Let you know more later. It was a good trip from Illinois with three good friends. Looking forward to the next three weeks.

Update on our love auction – extravagant generosity from everyone including NOMADS that were not able to attend – over $52,000.00 was raised to use in funding projects to help our camps, children’s homes, community outreach, etc. Amazing!

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