Getting Started at Bay Shore Camp

Monday, September 23, 2019

We had rain again overnight and off and on today. Most of the day was dry but we had several short little showers. It was windy today as well. Gusts to 35 mph this afternoon and since the high was about 66 today it felt a little cool. The wind seems to blow off the lake most of the time. Reminds us of being at the beach but there is no pretty sand here. The shore line is very marshy.

The team joined for our first devotion together this morning and we are pleased to have Tom with us again, as in New Lisbon, playing the guitar. We sound much better with Tom accompanying the singing. After devotion, Jeff, the camp director shared information about the history of the camp and then took us on a little tour. The camp is over 100 years old and is loved by this community. We are going to be “remodeling” the Tibits cottage, to make it a four seasons cottage rather than just a summer place. As you will see as we go forward, it’s actually pretty much of a rebuild but it would not be politically correct to bulldoze the cottage so we will “remodel.” The cabin has already been moved across the street, a new foundation dug and then the cottage moved back across the street and placed on the new foundation. We will now build out the interior and replace all the siding on the exterior. There will also be some carpet and laminate flooring as well as new cabinets, appliances, shower and bath fixtures.

Today Anne and Jenny began by taping and mudding the two knee walls in the loft that had already had drywall hung. Max and Bruce began by removing the front door and enlarging the opening for French doors. They had to move a good deal of wiring in that process. Hopefully we will have time to build a new deck in front of those doors. Tom and Mike removed the front bedroom windows and reframed for a new window. While that was going on, Jackie and Hillary worked on determining the amount of trim that will be needed for the project. It’s a lot. Reid began the work of re-plumbing the bathroom. Anne, Jenny, Jackie and Hillary, then joined forces and removed the rest of the windows and started framing the wall where some of the kitchen windows were. Later in the day the back door was removed and it will be re-framed and the front door that Max and Bruce removed will then become the back door. So, at the end of the day, unfortunately, the little cottage look a lot worse than when we started this morning. The 35 mph wind is blowing through all sides tonight. Hopefully by tomorrow night we will see more rebuilding going on.

We had a lot of fun today. We haven’t worked a three week project since January, and then we were working on multiple houses so the team was split up much like DR projects. On this project we will all be working together on this little cottage. It should be a good three weeks.

Sebewaing is known for beautiful sunsets across Lake Huron. Tonight we finally got to see a sunset when it wasn’t raining. Nice! Hopefully we will see many more before we complete our time here.

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