Back to Winding Rivers

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

It began raining about 6pm and rained until after 3am. It rained very hard. Over 1.5 inches. Not a lot of sleep with all the rain. This morning FRED was surrounded with water. Pulling in the electric and grabbing the jack pads required a little tiptoeing around the puddles. We had just a fine mist still coming down by the time we pulled out at 7:00 this morning. It was foggy and misty and then raining about half way back to New Lisbon. Then we stopped at our next rest area to change drivers and it was hot. We started the day with long sleeves and sweat shirts and then we changed to t-shirts. Crazy. We arrived back at Winding Rivers about 4:00 pm and had to immediately clean the windshield and front cap from all the bugs we hit. It rained ½ the trip and there were still more bugs than last Friday.

The church addition when we got back to Winding Rivers
The church addition when we got back to Winding Rivers

Much to our surprise Christopher was here working on the bathroom addition for the church with a lone volunteer from New Hampshire. It was great to see him again and he invited us out for Taco Tuesday with his wife. It was good to see her again too and the four of us had a really good time this evening. Tonight we are working on a route to annual meeting that avoids Chicago.

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