Travel Day to Crescent City

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

First we remember September 11. The tragedy of lost lives. Our country was forever changed that day. Our hearts still hurt for all the families who still grieve for their love ones.

Pause Remember 9-11
We saw this on a billboard today. And we remembered the heroes and the grief. And Max’s job description changed for the rest of his career.

We overnighted at Winding Rivers and we were ready to get on the road about 9:00. However, that was the exact time that the area went under a severe thunderstorm alert. Lightening started popping all around and the rain poured. There was a flash flood watch issued for the area too. We decided to just hang out in FRED for about 45 minutes until the storm blew over. Then got on I-90 headed toward Crescent City, IL. We drove through some additional rain but it was an uneventful drive. We took a little longer and slower route on I-39 but decided to take that route in order to avoid driving through Chicago. We drove through mile after mile of corn fields and soy bean fields. Thousands of acres of corn and beans.


Fair signWe arrived at the Iroquois County Fair grounds around 4:15 this afternoon and were met with hugs from the NOMADS already on site. We were parked in site 8 and were set up in short order. Now the work begins. First meeting is scheduled for 3:00 tomorrow afternoon with full board meeting Friday. It will be a busy few days. Thank you God for safe travel.

Early rigs
Some of the NOMADS arrived before us

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