Last Day at VNP

Monday, September 9,2019

It was a cool 45 degrees this morning with a high of 62 today. It was mostly cloudy with a cool breeze as well. We took advantage of the great hiking weather and did a 5 mile hike on the Rainy Lake Recreation Trail. It’s really more of a walk in the woods on a paved trail rather than a hike over rough terrain like yesterday’s hike. It was a beautiful walk through trees with changing leaves. There are lots of great yellow color but the reds are still really spotty. We saw only one other person while we were out walking today. Quiet, peaceful, nature. Really nice. We also visited the visitor’s center again and were again greeted by some really nice rangers. Everyone here has been so nice.

After hiking we headed into International Falls to look around a little and pick up a few groceries. It’s a small town, a little smaller than Oneonta. It reminds us of many of the small towns in northern Canada and Alaska. Quaint little houses with lots of bright beautiful flowers.

Largest Smokey Bear

According to the sign beside the statue in Smokey Bear Park in International Falls: “The Smokey Bear statue is the largest of its kind in the country. The 26 foot replica of “Smokey,” the national symbol of forest protection, was erected in 1953 as a project of the Koochiching County’s Keep Minnesota Green Committee.”

Then we headed back to FRED to begin packing things away. The rain started about 6:00 tonight and it is predicted that International falls will get over 2.5 inches of rain by Friday. It’s windy and the leaves are falling all around our camp site. We are glad tomorrow, not today, is our day to be moving on down the road, even thought it looks like we will be driving in rain. We have really enjoyed our brief time in this area. The National Park is different from most others we have visited but they are all wonderful in their own way. Voyageurs is one that we would enjoy visiting during each season. Summer for the time on the lake, spring for the beauty of spring. And yes, even winter because it would be nice to visit for just a few days to experience ice fishing, cross country skiing, snow shoeing and definitely to see the gorgeous northern lights. One day.

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