Another NOMADS Friday

Thursday, August 29, 2019

It was even cooler this morning. It was 49 outside and 58 inside when we got up this morning. Time for the fireplace and the heat pump. It was cozy in a few minutes. We definitely had to wear jackets for our walk today.

Rick led our devotion today. He first shared some of his story on how he accepted Christ and when he made a public profession of faith and then he shared the parable of the sower. We talked about our various talents and ended with “Do everything for the glory of God.” Thanks Rick!

Again today Nancy, Gary, Rick and Sue headed back to Rhonda’s house. The crew there worked on installing base boards, painting cabinet doors, and several other things to make live easier for Deniese and Rhonda. At Lianna’s Stel, Jodi, Betty, Anne and Max worked to get that house close to completion. We cutout the counter top for the kitchen sink, and installed the sink. We will pick up parts to hook up the plumbing this weekend. We also completed the glass block window, got first coat on all the drywall and second coat on some. Next week we plan to finish up both these homes and get as much drywall up at Nate’s as possible. We also will be doing some work at the church. Lots left to do.

Tonight we had another great meal prepared by Roxy and some fun fellowship with the team and the pastor’s family. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Team Picture Wisconsin DR week 12
This Week’s Team Picture

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