Last Weekend in Wisconsin

Sunday, September 1, 2019

In addition to watching coverage of the developing hurricane in the Atlantic, we spent Friday catching up on stuff for NOMADS and back in Alabama, writing reports and paying bills, etc. We also had to go to Mauston to pick up some plumbing parts for one of the houses where we are working. While there we went back to Carr Valley Cheese to buy a few thing to take with us when we leave. And of course since we were so close we had to stop at Culver’s for their flavor of the day.

We took advantage of the great weather and made Saturday a tourist day.

The VIM team continued their work on Sunday and accomplished quite a bit on the house they are helping build. We took the opportunity to enjoy our last worship service with the congregation of Winding Rivers. Today Pastor Deb continued her series titled “My Big Fat Mouth” with a sermon on gossiping and lying.

It’s been a wonderful and busy weekend.  Hope your Labor Day Weekend is great too.  We work tomorrow.  Only four work days left for 2019 and so much left to do.

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